Bbconsults is a consultancy organization established and run by Israel Boafo Bansah to help Senior high school candidates as well as all prospective students access all admission information on tertiary education.

We have over the past years helped thousands of students in the application process through to the time they gained admission into tertiary schools of their choice.

Who is Israel Boafo Bansah

Israel Boafo Bansah is a Ghanaian and a graduate of the prestigious University of Ghana. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science, and various other certificates in IT and human resources management.

He saw the need to help students of University of Ghana and other tertiary campuses get access to daily occurrences on tertiary campuses so he went ahead to established a campus news network with a group of volunteers on University of Ghana campus.

LegonConnect has grown since then to become one of the most visited education blogs in Ghana. It has become a resource hub for information on all tertiary institutions in Ghana.

Israel Boafo Bansah for the past five years has taken his time to study and understand the tertiary admission process in Ghana and has established appropriate working relationships with important offices in almost all tertiary schools in order to be on top on modern trends and changes within the admission process.

Bansah has since gone ahead to help hundreds of students in their tertiary admission process by helping them through the process, analyzing their results to ascertain whether they are qualified or not, recommendation of appropriate programmes and career choices for prospective students, and many more.

Services Offered by BB CONSULTS

Admission Consultation

We are well vested in the tertiary admission processes and trends over the years and thereby in a position to provide appropriate guidance and assistance during the process.

Result Analysis

Since we have studied the trends of admissions, cut of points for the various tertiary institutions and requirements for admissions, we are able to analyse results and certificates to determine which school and programme best fit for you.

Programmes Recommendation

Per the outcome from the Result analysis, we are able to determine and recommend appropriate tertiary programme most likely to admit you taking into consideration your strengths, weaknesses as well as your career goals.

Scholarship Assistance

We have made it a point to research on all available scholarship schemes both local and international, their requirements and application process in order to help our clients in the application process and increase their chances of getting awarded.

Study Abroad and Student Visa Application

For students willing to study abroad, we are also in the position to guide you through the steps in acquiring a student visa and applying to study in schools outside the country.

Our Mission

To bring tertiary education to the doorstep of prospective students and be the link between tertiary institutions and the public.

Our Vision

To be the best educational consultancy in Africa and beyond